VPN AI Help Guide

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Common issues and questions

1. I can't connect to VPN

Have you installed the VPN Profile? When you use VPN AI for the first time, you will be prompted to install a VPN profile. Select 'Install profile' to set your device up for connection with VPN AI. If you are still unable to connect, this may be due to connectivity issues. Make sure that you have an active intetnet connection. Try going to your browser and entering 'www.yahoo.com'. If you able to open the web page, then you have an internet connection and should have no problems with connecting to VPN AI.

2. Why is there a limit on data?

Free users may experience a data limit when you first download the app. To get unlimited data, you can either start a free 7-day trial or subscribe to premium. If you prefer to continue using the app for free, you can check in daily to earn free data, or refer a friend to immediately enjoy higher data limit for you and your friend.

3. Can I watch my favourite videos using VPN AI?

VPN AI uses a advanced VPN technology to encrypt data any unblock limitations. You can watch your favorite videos and play favorite games with VPN AI connected. VPN AI works from anywhere such as in schools, over public wifi networks, over public hotspots, and at home.


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