We build AI powered Internet privacy & security products

At AI Apps, we are building Internet privacy and security tools of the future, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We create mobile apps that can help hide your identity or assume an alternate one. At the same time, we encrypt your traffic to secure all Internet communications, protect your identity online, avoid targeted advertising, and yet gain universal access to all Internet content.

Our mobile apps are backed by highly sophisticated systems that can autonomously detect identity theft, spam calls, malicious scripts and more.

We believe that access to the world's information should be private, secure, and free from unethical monitoring, surveillance, and personal data misuse. In a time when the big Internet companies and ISPs do not care about your privacy and even try to exploit it, we are the company that will help you protect your personal privacy.

AI Apps's mobile apps have been downloaded more 90,000 times in just 3 months since its launch in Jan 2019.

Introducing VPN AI

VPN AI is the latest and world’s most advanced VPN. We built the latest VPN technology to help encrypt your online information and help you stay completely anonymous.

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